Home Theater Custom Installations


As the lights automatically dim & the curtains open, Movie Nights will never been the same. It's Almost Magical!

IwireAV are Home Theater Install Experts!
We install Flat Screen, Plasma, LCD & Projection high definition televisions. Iwire's proven experience in custom home theater install servic, helping you on your next project from start to completion. Offering advice on which audio & video products work together seamlessly that enhances your overall enjoyment & protect your investment. Iwire excels at custom installations for many types of Home & Commercial projects. We've installed Multimedia Systems in Homes, Sports Bars, Pool Halls, Churches, Restaurants, Dinners, Doctor's Offices, New & Used Car Dealerships, Shopping Malls, Small Business Retail Outlets etc.

High Definition TV is here to stay.
Flat panel TVs are an incredible & momentous invention for the home entertainment market. The issue with HDTV and flat panels is where to put your satellite/cable box, DVD player, receiver, game system and other equipment. Why not locate everything remotely in a central location? With an HDTV distribution system you can share & control your high definition sources on every HDTV in your home or business today!

Great hi-fi brings you closer to the reality..
The best home theater systems perform a subtly different function: they transport you to another environment altogether. Proper home theater systems are intended to recreate the sound, vision and We believe that the best home theater experience stems from carefully matched, properly configured systems able to accurately relay the full dynamic range of even the most demanding cinema soundtracks.

For us, great home theater is about more than the crude ‘boom and bang’ stereotypes used to describe home theatre sound in some circles.
We believe that a good system should also deliver the emotion in a voice, the detail in an ambient surround effect and the subtlest nuance of a music score. In other words, it should relay every sonic element as accurately as great hi-fi.

Home Automation is all about control and convenience.
Our systems give you control both at home and while you are away.
In-wall touch screens are the primary user interface and provide easy control over the entire house. From any touch screen, you are able to change temperatures, make adjustments to the lighting system, view cameras, and control the whole house music system. Ask about our wireless touch screens.

iPhone Control
home automation contractorsThe HAI community cheered when a end-user developed a great iPhone app for HAI home control. The app, named H@me was developed by Digital Dan.

This useful app works great with our systems. You will have full control over your system from your iPhone or iTouch.

Windows Mobile Phones/PDAs HAI has developed software that allows Windows Mobile Phones (OS 5.0 and above) to control our automation systems. Call us for more details.

Iwire specializes in Home Theater Audio Systems, Multi Room Whole House Audio Installations & Commercial Audio Installations. Hire Iwire to custom install your high end inwall speakers for that professional look & sound! We can setup your cable box, surround sound reciever, DVD along with any other electronic gear out of site located in the next hall closet or downstairs leaving extra room within your living room or theater room. Iwire also installs Multi-Room speakers throughout your entire home. Have one type of music playing in the kids room & something else entirely different playing in the kitchen or computer room. We also install exterior speakers around your outside deck areas, around the pool & by the jacuzzi. Ask us how we can help you with your Audio, Video or Home Automation project today!

Iwire installs audio for many different types of applications such as for: doctor office waiting rooms, car dealership waiting areas, sports bars, pool halls, fitness gyms, retail storefronts, churches, restaurants & dinners. Just about anywhere that needs audio to be broadcast.

In-ceiling and in-wall speakers
Provide all-but-invisible sound throughout your home. Both types are specifically designed to be mounted flush to their surrounding surfaces (ceilings or walls) and both feature acoustically transparent grilles that can be painted to match your décor or left in their white finish.

However, mounting a speaker in a wall can be a little more complicated than fitting one into the ceiling depending on the make up of the wall. With walls made with brick or breezeblock, creating a sufficiently deep hole in the wall to accept a loudspeaker, even a comparatively shallow in-wall design, is not a job to be undertaken lightly. Of course, specialist installers have all the skills (and insurance) necessary to do the job properly. Nonetheless, you should understand that the process of fitting in-wall speakers is neither simple nor quick. Still, the rewards both aesthetic and sonic of a good-quality installation make the effort worthwhile!


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